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1. Striped hijab S...Striped hijab Scarf - Hijabs

2. Striped hijab S...Striped hijab Scarf - Hijabs

3. Striped hijab S...Striped hijab Scarf - Hijabs

4. Striped hijab S...Striped hijab Scarf - Hijabs

5. Striped hijab S...Striped hijab Scarf - Hijabs

6. Striped hijab S...Striped hijab Scarf - Hijabs

7. Striped hijab S...Striped hijab Scarf - Hijabs

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You are at : Root > The Glorious Quran > Telawah (Recitation of Quran)

  • Accurate Recitation
     A Simplified, Colour-guided, Truly visual, Easy Recite Arabic Script: Loaded with Readymade Smart Solutions for Easier, Better and more Fluent Recitation of Arabic Glorious Quran by learners, readers and teachers, all around the world.
  • IANA Islamic Radio
    An Islamic radio station that offers programs such as Islamic classes, Friday sermons broadcasting from within and outside the USA, news pertaining to Muslims from all around the world, documentary programs pertaining to Islamic issues and Muslim countries, social and moral programs, and learning contests. Also, Waqf project, conferences, books and tapes, bookstore, online shopping, and more.
  • King Fahd Complex for the Printing of the Glorious Quran
    Offers recitation, sciences & interpretation of Quran, Quranic sciences, Quran glossary, Tajweed of Quran, Quran Fatawa, index of Tafsir compilations, Quran competitions, seminars and researches on Quran, translations of Quran in English, Spanish, Indonesian, Hausa, French, and Urdu. The site is in English, Arabic, Spanish, Indonesian, Hausa, French, and Urdu.
  • Quran Auto Reciter (FREE)
    Quran Auto Reciter software (FREE) is used to listen to the Glorious Quran automatically at a specific time. English and Urdu translations of the Holy Quran. The reciters are: Abdul Rahman Alsudais, Muhammad Sedeeq Al-Minshawi, Saud As-Shuraim, Abdullah Basfar, Ahmad bin Ali Al-Ajmi, Ali Al-Hudhaifi, Ibrahim Al-Akhdar, Muhammad Ayyub, AbdulBasit AbdulSamad, Mahmoud Al-Hosary, Sad Al-Ghamidi and more. Also, Athans from several places and Islamic lectures.
  • Recitation From Islam Way
    Recitation of the Glorious Quran by famous reciters such as Abdul Wadood Hanif, Abdullah Basfar, Abdur Rahman Sudais, Abdul Hadi Kanakry, Abdul Basit Abdus Samad, Abdullah Matrood, Ahmad Bin Ali Akmi, Hani Refai, Khalid Qahtani, Sad Ghamidi, and more with English translation.

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    4. Modern Abaya / ...Modern Abaya / Jilbab - Casual, stylish look

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